Who’s Who

I reference many writers, directors, actors, and persons of interest in my posts. I hope this page serves as a guide to the many figures who have made an impact on the genres this blog explores. This page will be updated as more content is published, so stay tuned!

Biller, Anna: Writer, director, independent filmmaker from Los Angeles, CA who primarily creates female-focused, intensely visual films. Director of The Love Witch (2016)
King, Stephen: Writer from Maine, most notably known for writing horror, supernatural fiction, science fiction, crime, suspense, & fantasy. Since 1974, he has published approximately 90 novels & 10 short story collections
Price, Vincent: Actor from St. Louis, MO who starred in many horror films, with over 200 acting credits in his lifetime. 1911-1993
Robinson, Samantha: Actress from New York City, NY (raised in London, England). Star of Anna Biller’s The Love Witch