Most Anticipated 2022 Horror Films

We are already nearly through the first month of 2022. I started looking into the movies coming out this year not too long ago. I found so many that it made sense to share the top ones for my 2022 horror watchlist!


Morbius (dir. Daniel Espinosa)

This may not end up being the most horror one I found, but it’s classified as horror and I love Jared Leto. Also, Jared Leto as a vampire? I was on board before this movie was even thought of.

Expected release date: January 28th

X (dir. Ti West)

This new A24 (home of Hereditary, Midsommar, The Lighthouse, and many others) horror film is showing a lot of 70s slasher vibes so far, and I am here for it.

Expected release date: March 18th

The Black Phone (dir. Scott Derrickson)

I saw the first trailer for this the last time I went to a movie theater. Given the kidnapping, suspense, and that nightmare-inducing mask, I knew this movie (based on a story by Joe Hill) will not hold back. I predict I will be watching it through my fingers (but I’m still watching it).

Expected release date: June 24th

Nope (dir. Jordan Peele)

A new Jordan Peele movie with a stellar cast AND the best horror movie title ever? The excitement is real.

Expected release date: July 22nd

‘Salem’s Lot (dir. Gary Dauberman)

I rediscovered this one during this week’s research after forgetting about the rumors I had heard about it being made. ‘Salem’s Lot is such an iconic horror novel that deserves the full silver screen treatment, and I am so glad to see it finally happening (P.S. this is a cover of the book; no movie poster yet).

Expected release date: September 9th

Halloween Ends (dir. David Gordon Green)

I was honestly disappointed in Halloween Kills (2021), but I am optimistic about this (alleged) final installment. Plenty of fellow moviegoers have theories for the finale in place already. Personally, I want to simply wait and see what happens with the enigma that is Michael Myers.

Expected release date: October 14th


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